Information About Amazon Shopping Site

February 25
Information About Amazon Shopping Site


It can be defined as an American multinational technology company focused on e-commerce, artificial intelligence and digital streaming.


 What is Amazon and What does it do?


 Amazon first started its online shopping business with selling books. It is now defined as a reliable site that includes many different product types. It is known as an online shopping site with different types of goods or items such as music CDs, DVDs, computer games, accessories, computer software and furniture.


 Where Was Amazon Founded?


 Amazon is known as a reliable site that was established on July 5, 1994 in the city of Seattle, United States. It takes its name from the Amazon River, which is known as the largest river in the world. This adventure, which first started in the USA, spread to other countries over the months and years. It is known as a world-famous online shopping site, which also has a shopping site belonging to other countries that are suitable for the languages ​​of some countries.


 Is There an Amazon Product Warranty?


 Since Amazon is a worldwide known shopping site, it gives a product guarantee for the products it contains. It is a site that protects the customer if the products sold and sent by the sellers are wrong or faulty. There is a comprehensive product warranty. He is very interested in issues such as the good delivery of the purchased products to the customer, their timely delivery and the return of the product. When there is a problem, it is absolutely necessary to contact the site.


Is Amazon a Reliable Site?


 Amazon, which has been serving for many years and continues to serve in many countries of the world, has always taken itself to the top level over the years and has seen customer satisfaction as a target. It is a site that shows that it stands behind its products and is very concerned about product warranty during or after delivery. With this service that has been going on for years, it has gained the trust of people and has been continuing for more than 25 years. This has made Amazon known as a customer-oriented and reliable site over time. It stands behind its products and in short, it is a very reliable site.