Amazon Store Design

Amazon and eBay are Europe's most popular online stores for consumers.  Plentymarkets is a platform that offers solutions for both Amazon and eBay.  Amazon brands are aimed at owners of private labels. After verifying the identity of the brand, the online store can be filled with numerous graphics, videos, products. Each page of the store is developed and individualized. There is one more thing that requires a lot of work, because Amazon checks the state and presentation in its own approval process before each live launch. 
Responsive design is important for Amazon. The store is also cross-device design. For this reason, Amazon wants all graphics to be designed in the required formats to ensure the best possible display on all devices. 
We innovate the store, control and prepare your material, design each page, do quality control, coordinate the store with Amazon and also with you. We guarantee that you will experience a hassle-free project.