What is SEO?

Dezember 08


SEO is short for the word Search Engine Optimization. Search engines organize technical criteria to scan websites and SEO operations more easily. SEO strategies make it easy to find the searched word in the search engine. A search engine is a mechanism used to easily find content and information on the internet, where electronic communication operates over computer networks.


 What is Search Engine Optimization?


 All improvement works for a search engine related to a website can be easily determined. The targeted aim of search engine optimization is to increase the value of the website and to rank higher in the search engine. It also increases the number of website visitors.


 How Do Search Engines Work?


 Search engine optimization is the working for the optimization and improvement for other search engines. Search engines consists of 3 separate components, mainly the indext, the sweb crawler and the user interface. Search engine robots called spider and web crawler scan all websites and SEO content on the internet and collect the URL addresses of the contents that need to be indexed in the search engine index, that is, the database.


 Search engines scan all the data on the internet and the website and save the links in their own memory. These indexed links are presented to the users who search on the search engine with the user interface, also known as the third component.


What is On-Page and Off-Page SEO?


 Search optimization is divided into off-page and on-site SEO. Search optimization includes all the actions taken to rank higher in search engines. It also includes a lot of work done to rank pages or sites higher in search engines. Thanks to SEO strategies, this distinction is made. SEO strategies are a concept that includes all works done on and off the site. In-site SEO is briefly called the SEO work done on the sections of the website. Off-site SEO can be defined as a link from other websites. It accelerates the circulation within the site. Off-site SEO is defined as off-page SEO strategies on websites.