Online Marketing (SEA)

The right online marketing strategy must be used for long-term success.

Even the best online store cannot work at the desired level if it is not professionally marketed. Thus, you need to advertise your work very well. SEO (search engine optimization), therefore, should be an inseparable part of a web store project in the design phase, as well as configuring or optimizing all relevant

Google webmaster tools.

 In addition to marketing professionals who have experience in SEO and SEA (search engine marketing), working together as a good team in your project, we offer the necessary resources to directly implement the necessary adjustments. We offer you the most accurate result about products and campaigns. We also assist you in adjusting the cost-profit balance.  Cooperation without any problem and direct communication in the team ensures your long-term success for the top ranks. We are ready to cooperate for this. 


When we optimize the web store (called on-page optimization), we take into account not only technical aspects (like data structure and loading speed), but also internal and external link structure and content. During the reboot, we not only create an overall SEO supervision, but we also use Google Tag Manager to read your web store usage. These findings then flow into the concept of your new web store.
 Every reboot risk losing rankings and consequently sales. To avoid this, we offer you SEO support for your move. Among other things, we check the indexing, your content, link structure, external and internal links and determine the necessary guidance. 
In general, our aim is to increase the rankings of your relevant keywords to achieve and maintain top positions in organic hits in the medium to long term. To achieve this, the web store must be repeatedly checked, organized, optimized and powered by off-page optimizations. We are happy to prepare analysis reports for you and advise if necessary, for example on conversion optimization or the right content strategy.

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