Advice and strategy

Every step should be thought carefully before going into e-commerce. Thus, it is important to recognize and analyze individual requirements for online business and make the right decisions. We are here to support you and help you in every way in your next steps.

Advice and strategy

Quality guidance, the right strategies and professional support are the basis of successful and sustainable cooperation.
Web store projects are complex and versatile. However, if the relevant agency departments such as project management, programming, marketing and system installation work in cooperation and harmony with the customer during the project phase, they will be able to take their place in the tough online competition and create a successful web store. 

The basis of successful cooperation is to provide the customer with the right advice and to be with them in the web store and online marketing. Consultation generally begins before the proposal is prepared. The aim is to get information. Here the business requirements and the customer's resources are compared with the competition conditions. The aim is to find a common path that meets the needs and budget of the web store project, and that do justice to both the client and agency.

This is where solutions are developed that help the customers to find their strategic path and ensure long-term success. Web store and online marketing strategies work as a guide both throughout the entire project and after it has been implemented. 
Goals and key figures should be checked repeatedly with professional support after the project. In this way, online precautions are taken together and possible problems are prevented in advance. 
Thus, we are with you at every stage and we offer you the best service. Your business is in safe hands with us. Your success is our success. We are always here for your questions to support you and we are ready to help you.

System setup and support

Primeshops is a comprehensive e-commerce software. We support you in the optimum setup of your system and processes, the correct configuration of your plugins and the transfer of data. 

An optimized system setup is decisive for the success of your web store project.
Primeshops is a comprehensive and powerful software that covers all the main areas of e-commerce. It has software based on inventory management, PIM (Product Information Management), cloud hosting, automated order processing and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). 
Therefore, our shop advises, structures, installs, supports, trains and supervises you when installing your system and necessary plugins. In addition, we support you with the transfer (import and export) and preparation of data or connection to external tools. We are ready to help in any matter.